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Pictures of Hams on the Ky Phone Net

Pictures of Hams on the Ky Phone Net This page is devoted to pictures of the Kentucky Phone Net participants. If you would like to have your picture
added, please email your picture to  k4ule@twc.com

          N8POG  Rick

         KJ4AQI  Jesse

                       KD4ULE  Jerry
            KA4WGN - George

   KK4NZN - Linda

                 N4AI - Ken

K4DZM - Joe         
                K4DZM - Joe                         

W4VFW - Rob
                W4VFW - Rob

              KO4OL - Glenn 

          K4ULW  Joe

ND4JS - Jay
                     ND4JS  Jay

                   WD4IXL - Terry

N4MHT - Mike
                 N4MHT  Mike

KG4ABA - Lynn

                 KG4ABA  Lynn

KD8KWG - Gail
                  W8KWG - Gail

                     NN4G  Randy

                 K8HSY  Ron
              W4IOD Odis                

                    W4WGN - Spike

                                 KC4RGE - Clayton

K4LID Doing what he does best
  K4LID Tom - Doing what he does best

                   K4LID  Tom

                      AF4BN - Mike

                              N4VGI - Bob

                 WA4SKU - Mike

                          N4VNV - Larry

                         KY4MRG - Mike

                      KF4KPL - Daniel

WA4FOB - Larry

W4BAT - Bat

N9EDC - Duane

                  KD4UMU   Dan

                      AD4WB - Randy
K4FRC - Frank
                  K4FRC  Frank

           KG4HOX  Eddie

The Tool Chest Linear
                                           N4HZ  Roger

                   KM4GOQ  Gary