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Ky Phone Net History Continued

The following memorabilia was sent to me by Fred Jones, WA4SWF

This was sent to me years ago by Al Alcock W4CDA from 1956.  I got this for something

I was writing in about amateur radio in 1974.  I am looking for some pictures of Al and

some of the others that use to be on the nets.

KY Phone Net Info

This was sent to me by Earl Hinds WA4AVV when I started calling the KTN.  He
had written on it some so you might be able to change that not sure.  I
think that there are 2 more pages that came with this looking for them now.

KTN Instructions

This is listing of members on the net.

KTN Members

The KTN Preamble

This sheet is a little old and hope that this has all been of some help to
you.  I do this to honor Earl "Pappy" Hinds WA4AVV in Winchester, KY he was
a good friend of mine and his wife Merle too

KTN Preamble

Preamble Continued

Preamble Continued

My thanks to Fred Jones,  WA4SWF for taking the time to locate these old documents and share them with the Net.