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Hams in KY Schools

Just thought you might like to read some good news about amateur radio and young people as well as one of our own who is doing a great job! Jim Hicks WB4CTX


Amateur Radio Class

[Radio Class]The following students passed the Federal Communications Commission amateur radio license exam yesterday at Dixie.

Members of the Northern KY Amateur Radio Club and the Kentucky District Seven Amateur Radio Emergency Team conducted the testing. Twenty two students in the class attempted to obtain their license and twenty passed one or more license exams. The KY7ARET provided a Handheld dual band radio to the student with the highest average in the class. This radio goes to Zackary Galliher. Please congratulate all these students. They have accomplished something significant in obtaining their Amateur Radio License.

Austin Brough Technician Class License

Chris Tierney Technician Class License

Grant Bensinger Technician Class License

Alex Black Technician Class License

Brandon Borja Technician Class License

Cody Brennen Technician Class License

Gannon Cogswell Technician Class License

Zach Ivey Technician Class License

Josh Lorenz Technician Class License

Dylan Mason Technician Class License

Felecia Messmer Technician Class License

Tim Nantz Technician Class License

Thomas Nolan Technician Class License

Jason Pelgen Technician Class License

Ben Kramer General Class License he had already passed the technician class license

Students who had tested earlier included

Matt Schrock Extra Class License

Dane Cleves Technician Class License

Lexi Delaney Technician Class License

Zackary Galliher Technician Class License

Justin Spicer Technician Class License


Today I witnessed some of Dixie's best in an entirely different environment.

Zackary Galliher, Lexi Delaney, Matt Schrock, Justin Spicer, and Dane Cleves attended the Georgetown Ohio Hamfest. It is a gathering of people with an interest in amateur radio. It includes dealers, a flea market, testing,

presentations, etc.

I witnessed some very impressive students from Dixie Heights. The way they behaved and carried themselves was absolutely incredible. I was totally impressed and almost awestruck by these young students. There were approximately 300 people at this gathering, and many commented on how impressed they were with these young students. I was so proud of all of these students.

Now for even more great news:

Matt Schrock who was a General Class Amateur Radio operator took and passed the Extra Class exam and now has the highest attainable amateur radio license.

Lexi Delaney took the Technican Class exam. She passed and is now one of Dixie's three newest amateur radio operators. Her call sign should be in the FCC database within a week.

Justin Spicer took the Technican Class exam. He passed the exam and should have his call sign within a week.

Dane Cleves took the Technican Class exam. He passed the exam and should have his call sign within a week also.

Zackary had already passed his Technican Class exam a couple of weeks ago. He wanted to attend the hamfest and meet other people interested in amateur radio.

Please congratulate these students on passing their amateur radio exams and obtaining an amateur radio license.

So many people were exposed to Dixie students today and were very impressed with these young people.

Jim Hicks