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I bought this car in November of 1997. I was super stoked to own a top of the line touring car. I believe I used an old Futaba Magnum Jr. radio with a brand new Tekin Command 10 esc. The first upgrades I bought for the car were the blue Tamiya axle nuts and a green Tamiya Clarion Nismo GTR-LM body and 2-piece wheels. After that came the Hot Bodies NSX 190mm body. The final look for a long time were a set of black HPI Super Star narrow wheels and Kyosho super narrow slicks under an HPI Integra body. I had some trouble with understeer. I could not figure it out. After watching the car for a while I figure the front uprights were deflecting and adding caster. I made some radius arms for it and got some steering back. My next upgrade was a homemade swaybar for the front. After that mod my car was turning like my friend's RS4's.

The car was put up for a while until I scored an HPI 2-speed. That's when I went crazy with the upgrades. Next came the TRF looking shocks, alloy rear arms, motor mount, and front uprights. I also removed the front one-way and dropped in a spool and loosened the rear diff. I changed the turnbuckles for the vintage trinity gold alloy ones and added a rear swaybar.

The car was relegated to shelf duty at this point. I added the clear steering servo and alloy steering next followed by the alloy front bulkhead. I then changed the front shock tower to the one with the factory swaybar. I also added a small plate to mount the esc at the rear of the chassis. Its final evolution consisted of new hardware and Cross gold alloy arms and rear uprights, Optima front knuckles, Tamiya 2-piece wheels, and another Clarion Nismo R33 GTR-LM body this one was painted like the box art.

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