Cut down PCMCIA USB2 card

I Got sick of my USB2 card sticking out of the side of my otherwise slim portege 2000 Laptop.
So well..  I cut it off..

I'm not going to go into painstaking detail here. As it is actually a pretty simple Hack. 
And the pictures should be pretty self explanatory

But first of all.  I can't recommend this hack to anyone, as I'm sure Cutting stuff in half with a hacksaw
Voids most warranties..

 Quick wrap up.

#1 Take the PCMCIA card apart
#2 Trim the metal parts so they meet PCMCIA specs
#3 Cut the PCB as short as possible. (making enough room for the usb connectors)
#4 Desolder the USB and power connectors
#5 Cut, Saw, File and Sand  the connectors down so they fit in the thickness of the pcmcia card..
#6 Using Hotglue (Lots)  Make the whole thing fit together
#7 Solder the USB signal lines to the PCB  (Scrape the laquor off with a blade)
#8 As there is only 3.3v in PCCARD mode.  you have to solder the power lines to the power connector 
#9 Sit back, and enjoy your handy work.  Wondering why nobody sells 100% internal PCMCIA USB2 cards
    WITH! 5v in the plugs! 


To those with questions about the components, left on the PCB I cut off.. 
I think they where for a 3.3 to 5v boost converter  which was mostly unpopulated.

Anyway it took me about an hour or so, and it works like a charm. 
Although I still need to use the usb "powercord"  which sucks.
Next version / Or upgrade will include a 3.3 to 5v boost converter.. 
and i will use black instead of white USB Connectors