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Writing for May

posted May 14, 2012, 9:29 PM by Kyle Willey   [ updated May 14, 2012, 9:36 PM ]
This is a little blurb where I'll be talking about the things I hope to write in the second half of May, and the notable things I wrote in May, in terms of stuff associated with this site.


These are things I'm thinking about going back to and pushing past critical dead-ends today.

GearHead Roleplaying Game

I need to get a shopping system done, since my inability to settle on something is giving me a distaste for the project. I'm hoping to do this with as few tables as possible, so I'm contemplating doing what I didn't want to do and moving to an availability system.

Our Glorious Dishwasher

As far as I recall, OGD is almost playable. The first things I need to do would be referencing everything to make sure the battle system is fully complete. Once that's done, I just need to give another floor, some more play examples, and a sample scenario before this project is considered finished.


Drifting just is a work sink right now. It's almost playable, so my focus is to get the background-based character creation done, mathematically devise rules for token-buy character creation, and basically do some playtests.


Aduelle Core (Adventures in Aduelle)

ACore is coming along nicely in terms of fluff; I've got about a whole percent of the way done on fleshing out cultures and the setting. I'm hoping to consolidate all the setting from Constructs of Azazael and Tale of Narvi into a setting section, as well as detail the 4d8/2d8+9 die system. I'm not putting up a snapshot here because it's pretty unfinished right now, but in upcoming months I plan on posting snapshots as it becomes increasingly finished.


While the setting of Orchestra keeps evolving and I've been making some absolutely awful short stories based in its world that need to be scrapped, rewritten, and reconsidered, it has nothing in terms of mechanics beyond what I've ranted to people about. I'm not planning to get much on it done in May, and the major decision will be whether or not I want to keep it on the Wikidot wiki or take it offline and put it back up here under a projects page is the main decision I'm going to make.

Tale of Narvi

Tale of Narvi was an entry for a 24-hour game competition over on 1km1kt. I'm pretty proud of it as far as a one-man 18 or so hour torment goes. It's half-game half-scenario (you do need the Booklet of Secrets), and I'm pretty sure it shows how much of a kludgy rush job it was.

The Last Band Advanced Player's Guide

I've made the following to-do list for The Last Band. It needs a lot of work, but this should cover most of the stuff.

Revise combat rules to make it not take four or more hours per game (which is what one of my playtests showed).
Clarify rules on power phrases; include "by group consensus" clause.
Maybe add in a full song example (somewhat iffy due to intellectual property concerns) or at least include examples from several different songs with the process of choosing power words.
Have a full play example for a turn.
Alternate scoring system.
More detailed character/battlebike creation, including rules for campaigns with trading/combat missions to be administered by a Game Master-esque figure and a handful of random encounter tables.
Gear and weapons.
An advanced character sheet to reflect more detailed characters and battlebikes.
Maybe some fiction to go along with the game's theme.

Project Drop Bear

Project Drop Bear is a potential blend of hard sci-fi and a narrative-driven framework to create a game about space mercenaries messing around with a focus on being collaborative storytelling with solid mechanics that revolve around players' characters aspirations. And yes, the title is a work in progress. It overlaps a ton with Drifting but I'm picturing a system that resembles something of the Cortex system's character creation but with an entirely different mechanical framework, plus avoiding a lot of the things that I had gripes with from Cortex by working within a rigid framework.

I'm also evaluating working on a "seeds" system that will allow players to follow various paths through pre-designed adventures while having dynamic side-plot support, though I'm still weighing the pros and cons of the massive work this would entail.


Shadowrun: Hazard Pay
Done entirely. I liked it, and I think it's one of the top five percent of products, but it still disappointed me perhaps due to my inflated opinion of Catalyst Game Labs.
I've started going through this. It looks really interesting, and I think it'll turn out well. It's a translation published by the makers of Eclipse Phase, so I'm pretty happy with its prospects.
Yes, this is based off the same universe as the similarly named horror video games, but more true to the original literature. I don't know much about it, but I'm majorly hyped. It's also big backlog.

I'm also hoping to port over five or six reviews from DriveThruRPG to here in order to justify having a table of contents on my review page and to create some more game categories so I can justify my current ones without tempting myself to just pigeon-hole future reviews. Current candidates include Eclipse Phase, Oathbound Seven, Spellbound Kingdom, and other works. I'm also hoping to add a tags system to my reviews for this site only.