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Reforming Orchestra

posted Feb 1, 2012, 8:06 AM by Kyle Willey
    Ok, I've decided to finally go back to my old-ish game Orchestra, and give it some new polish. Here's what's going to change:

    Cybernetics- "Hyperhuman implants" will be replaced with simple cybernetics, since they no longer reflect things unavailable to the average human (in a physiological sense, they're still expensive).

    Psychics- The previous system was too abstract and allowed too much craziness. I'm going to replace it with a system called "Dominance", which involves an exertion of will to bend reality (Matrix-style). Dominance takes time and is mentally exhausting.

    Combat- Rather than being handled like the rest of storytelling, all combat will be handled on a "timeline" consisting of ten second rounds in which players queue up actions. They can be changed at the last second, but doing so incurs penalties (so being unpredictable is good).

    Non-combat actions- The timeline system applies to stuff out of combat, so that players and game masters can figure out when certain actions happen and allow for an additional incentive to create dynamic scenarios (as well as making pre-written scenarios more interesting, since events are designed to happen over time). It also encourages players to stay with the task on hand, rather than deciding to go party or take on side-jobs while the bad guys are kidnapping their friends.

    Stamina- Stamina will be replaced by Stamina (akin to fatigue) and Mental Endurance. Mental Endurance functions similarly to Stun damage in Shadowrun, while Stamina is more of a sprint-bar styled thing.