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Zombie Flavored Doom

    Zombie Flavored Doom is a simple game of zombie madness and survival which can be played anywhere, without dice (though pieces really are needed), and pretty simply. There are only a handful of rules, but there's a lot of strategy involved. Part of the title comes from the conception of Zombie Flavored Doom as a game to be played at parties-finger food could be used as pieces, then eaten as they are removed from the board (also, candy's cheap, plentiful, and delicious).

    The goal is to be the first player, or team of players (though there doesn't necessarily need to be competition) to survive the zombie threats while stockpiling resources to survive the invading hordes.

    Zombie Flavored Doom is played on a board made of various pieces. These can be abstract or formal, as long as there is a general consensus to the quality and desirability of the board layout. The most important parts of the board are "Strongholds", which may be shared between any number of players or held individually. The goal of the game is to return pieces representing resources to one's stronghold while avoiding being eaten by zombies.


    Each player gets eight "ticks" in a day, then 4 ticks in each evening. Ticks from the day are considered to be added instantaneously (i.e. before people take turns) while ticks in the evening are added at the turn order. Ticks from the day can be saved for the evening (the limit being 8 ticks used during the evening), but ticks not used in the evening disappear.


    Ticks measure players' abilities to take action, with which they may move one tile or pick up a tile's resources, remembering the carrying limit. They also use this to defeat zombies (during the day, this takes one additional tick but is otherwise handled as if moving into their tile normally). Players may hold six resources on their counter. Leaving resources behind, in a stronghold or otherwise, requires no ticks.


    Zombies are added to the board, and move, after each evening. Each zombie gets two "ticks" and will move towards players along the same rules as player movement. Zombies colliding with players can "kill" them if the players have no ticks left over, and they will remove one tick from the player if they still have ticks left, unless the zombies spawned or were waiting adjacent to the player, in which case they remove two ticks from the player. Zombies always move towards the nearest player, favoring moving forward and right from whoever moves them in case of equidistant players or uncertain routes. Players can attack other players just like zombies, but they are limited to only ever doing two ticks of damage per day, though they can kill, and must trade their ticks for their opponent's (or use Weapons). After attacking a player, a zombie is always removed from play. If zombies are lured into an occupied stronghold, they are killed without requiring any ticks, though they will expel intruders who have not fully infiltrated the stronghold.


    Players attempt to gather up four types of resources- Food, Materials, Weapons, and Gas. Food provides extra ticks in each day (an extra 2), so long as it is present, but this effect only happens for one food unit, not all of them. It is not consumed when it gives players ticks, but must be in the same tile as the player. Each player in a given stronghold must have at least 10 food stored there or carried in order to win. Materials are used to win- gathering 15 in a home stronghold grants "victory" to those players as they have secured themselves against the zombie apocalypse (assuming, of course, they have enough food). Every other Material item stored in a Stronghold provides a  Weapons provide a recourse against zombies, and may be used in order to protect oneself against zombies or other players in replace of ticks. Gas provides quick transportation, and may be sacrificed instead of a tick in order to move three tiles.


    Strongholds are the most important part of the game. They are where resources are stored in order to win. However, strongholds can be looted by other survivors. The number of ticks required to break into a stronghold is based on the number of materials-in addition to the two ticks to move to the tile and pick up anything, an additional tick is required for every other unit of materials (but not food, gas, or weapons) in the stronghold. This time can be split between day and evening, but if the original owner returns the player who is raiding the base is kicked out (or killed if the returning player has enough ticks) without getting any loot.


    If a player is eaten by zombies or killed by another player, they are out of the game for one whole round, after which they will return to their citadel. The exception to this rule is if they are more than 16 ticks from their citadel (allowing for Gas use), in which case they must wait two days regardless of distance.