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Green Dawn

    Green Dawn attempts to make a fun and easy to play sci-fi/post-apocalyptic zombie game with real depth and strategic decision making.


   In the year 2023, a bio-weapon outbreak devastated most of the world. It is now the year 2087, and mankind still deals with the consequences-zombies.

    The world is a wasteland now-the fertile areas in which mankind once thrived aren't safe even to this day. Entire countries were reduced to a couple dozen survivors. The American Southwest is an exception-the hot and dry deserts there served to accelerate the decay of zombies, and they are home to many survivors.

    You have come of age and set off to wander the wastes. What you do while there is up to you, but you'll have to earn it. Go now, armed with your wits and whatever you've pulled together. Make a difference.


    There are ten known surviving strains of the infection, and of them only one is airborne. This strain is relatively benign, but very common. In fact, everyone I've ever met has it, and I have it myself. Each has its own unique effects, but there are some universal principles of zombies, so to speak. First, all zombies are immune to the physical effects of shock and exhibit a lack of pain responses. This is believed to be on account of neural degradation akin to leprosy. Second, zombies do not normally heal. Some of my more extreme colleagues have cultivated zombies and state that they do, indeed, heal when they have a ready food source, but such things are beyond the scope of my research. Third, zombies form only when the infection's host dies or suffers massive damage, depending on the strain. Fourth, zombies have a lifespan of about a month to a week depending on their environments; they favor humid climates. Finally, and most importantly, zombies are aggressive and violent.

    Doctor Ezekiel Johnson, The Anatomy of Zombies

    "Everything from the past still exists today, it just isn't as nice as it was." A popular sentiment in 2087. Mankind is still around, and in some places even thrives. Life is certainly more dangerous now than it was in the early twenty-first century, but it goes on. Rebuilding has begun, and these are exciting times, even if the people left alive don't know it. The whole current generation never knew the internet as Generation Y knew it, and few have traveled more than a mile or two from their homes. There is no longer a unity among this new generation, Generation Zed. Every group, every family, every man fights for himself. Most people can't find the neighboring county on a map, much less another country. Art and culture have disintegrated; some people pay attention to the lore of centuries past, but they are the exception to the rule. Living for today is the way you get to see tomorrow when the closest thing to shelter you have is a hundred-year-old structure that has weathered countless storms since it last got a new coat of paint. But, at the same time, there are those who are more fortunate, who have managed to claw back to some civilized state. They are dedicated to recovering the past and making it the present. You are their envoy, their messenger, their scavenger. You are their hope.

    You belong to an enclave of Reclaimers. They're not an organized group, so to speak, but rather a loose coalition of like-minded survivors with an open agreement to cooperate and a shared jargon and iconography. You are both elite and exile; while you are one of the chosen few from your enclave to leave their gates, this means you risk infection and must undergo lifelong quarantine. When you left the filtered air and purified grounds of your enclave, you were barred from ever returning. Of course, not all of you are so noble, and several scavengers have been kicked out after committing a crime. Typically they can still trade artifacts to most Reclaimers, but they won't get a warm reception.


    Green Dawn is built upon a simple die system that involves rolling two twenty-sided dice. The higher of these results is kept.


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