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Drifting is a game about making money, and part of this is the flexibility to purchase and sell cargo and deliver it of the players' own volition.

There are several popularly traded commodities, but Narrators should feel free to suggest more if they feel fit.

Primitive Commodities

    Primitive commodities reflect natural resources or unprocessed products. They are more common on less populated or agrarian planets, typically more readily as the size increases. They are in high demand on highly populated and industrial planets.

Food- Food constitutes grains, meat, and fruits and nutrient blends formed from artificial or natural ingredients
Water- Water is the lifeblood of any civilization, and is always in demand in space both as a necessity of life and as a fuel source
Ore- Ore is unprocessed metal still in rocks and in an unrefined state
Organics- Organics represent things like wool, silk, and wood that are used in luxury items
Livestock- Live animals require careful care, but can fetch high prices

Processed Goods

    Processed goods are not found in their current state in nature, and are typically produced in high-population areas where there can be a sizable workforce for factories and offices.

Metal- Refined metals are used in many industrial processes and are present in many items
Consumer Goods- Furniture, clothes, vehicles, and a variety of gadgets and low-end electronics make up consumer goods
Luxury Goods- Fashionable variants of consumer goods, luxury goods tend to focus on being limited-quantity and high-quality
Electronics- High end electronics include mainframes and robots
Spaceship Hulls- Both gallium and tungsten based spaceship hulls fetch exorbitant prices on the open market
Power Cells- Fusion batteries containing hydrogen and a miniature reactor are a lifesaver in emergency situations
Art- Art is highly valued by the inhabitants of the Tigris system
Medicine- Powerful medicine can help even the most ill or injured patients recover without scars or other lasting damage


    Some of the things traders may carry are considered illegal in many jurisdictions; and trading these goods may also be viewed as immoral or unethical in others. These are typically smuggled between lawless regions and relatively controlled ones.

Weapons- Carrying heavy weapons and military vehicles or robots is frowned upon by most local authorities
Exile Bioaugmentations- Most of the solar system looks on the Exiles' tampering with human bodies and genomes as an offense
Drugs- Recreational substances are forbidden by many governments for the safety of their citizens
Nuclear Material- Obsoleted by fusion, plutonium and uranium are considered dangerous due to their potential use in weapons of mass destruction and are highly controlled.

Note that in the chart below some individual planets or stations lack a specific value for a certain commodity; they use their sector standard. This sector standard is also a good price guideline for encounters with random traders and travelers, as well as what bandits or thieves will take.

Drifting Commodities

Destination Properties:

    Destination properties are given on a "per-category" basis that determine additional ways to handle buying and selling goods; a farming planet will not buy food, while a manufacturing planet will not sell ore. On very rare occasion, these are given on a per-item basis.

Importer- Does not sell this cargo in trade (except in small amounts). As a general rule no more than five tons or so will be available for purchase.
Exporter- Does not buy this cargo in trade (except in small amounts). As a general rule no more than five tons or so will be purchased by the market.
High Interest- Anyone with this cargo can sell all of it without any troubles finding a buyer, and will be able to buy as much as they want. Attempts to buy or sell these goods can happen extremely quickly, rather than as a process of long searching.
Little Interest- Finding this cargo here is somewhat difficult, and as a general rule only 25 tons will be available to buy and a similar amount of interest exists should a trader be trying to sell cargo, and any attempts to trade this will take longer.
Unrestricted- Buying and selling contraband here is "legal" as it were, and is no more difficult than trading normal goods.
Low Security- Buying and selling contraband goods without detection is easier than normal. (Target 5)
Very Secure- Buying and selling contraband here is more difficult than normal. (Target 9)
Partial Security- Buying and selling contraband is as difficult as average here, but failure will not result in black marks on a trader's record.