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This is the page for fiction set in the world of Aduelle, and will expand as the world itself does.


  1. 1 Sewer Run

Sewer Run

    Azen woke up in the dark wet sewers beneath Azekal City. He looked around for his torch, but found it missing. He spent a few moments concentrating and then a light appeared, showing him the various tunnels in the disused complex. They had been carved decades ago before magical sanitation had come to become the standard, and now they served as little more than a drainage system for the city. They were now home to vagabonds and rogues of every description; runaway homunculi and humans alike found their way into the complex to avoid the attention of the merchant houses above.

    Azen was torn from his thoughts by the sudden appearance of a homunculus wandering through the pipeways. It clattered and clanged, and a quick glimpse showed it to be a remnant from back when the sewer saw use; too primitive to be re-purposed but not so dangerous as to be dismantled, it was left there to continue working until it ground itself to bits. Azen focused again on getting out of the sewers, ignoring the wounds on his leg.

    A hissing noise came from behind him, and Azen sent a stream of fire from his fingertips into the shadows. It wasn't enough to stop the giant snake, which continued advancing unfazed. Azen ran as fast as he could, but the snake was much larger and faster than he was, and despite his best efforts to reshape the pipes around him to block the snake and fling the stagnant water back at his assailant, Azen knew he was losing ground too quickly. He screamed loudly in case there was someone to hear him, and darted up the first ladder he saw, barely avoiding the giant snake's fangs as he flailed his way up the ladder.

    He came up into the tunnel and looked around, finding that it was blocked off at both ends by landslides. Azen swore to Jutil that if he ever got out of the sewer he'd give up drinking the Arel, and waited for the hissing below to subside. The sounds of struggle below caused him to slide down the ladder, and he was greeted by a man fighting off the snake, launching barrages of magic at it while striking strategic sword blows to its face. He nimbly dodged the fangs and struck a blow to the top of the beast's mouth, and narrowly evaded getting caught in its death throes.

    Azen stood with his mouth open, staring at the man who'd saved his life. The man just walked past, and smiled.

    “Don't touch the stuff anymore. Go down to the cross-section over there and up the ladder on the left and you'll be out.”

    Azen felt a shiver down his spine as the man disappeared into a golden burst of light, but was too grateful to complain. It was only after he got out of the sewer that he realized that he'd have a hard time going out and celebrating with his buddies, but he decided that he'd just have water tonight.