These are the various projects I'm undertaking. Most of what I work on are games, but there may be some other stuff here sometime.


Aduelle is a fantasy setting created as a sort of attempt to look at what society would be like if magic were real and more important than technological designs; the inhabitants of Aduelle use the power of the energy imbued into their world by Jutil the Worldbringer to shape the environment around them instead of relying upon complex mechanisms and engineering.

GearHead Roleplaying Game

GearHead is a futuristic anime-inspired giant robot roguelike game series that I got permission to port to a tabletop game format. I love this game, and played it (probably excessively) as a kid growing up. I'm not actually doing the majority of the work on this; credit has to go to the community members who compiled details about the mechanics on the wiki.

Project Grammar

An educational video game built for maximum fun as well as being educational.


A storytelling tabletop game using my OrchestraS dice resolution system. Still pretty vague, but should be fun once I've playtested it into shape.

Zombie Flavored Doom

An old board game I worked on being rebuilt from scratch with (mostly) the same rules and (mostly) the same content, just in a convenient web-page format.

Our Glorious Dishwasher: A Utensil's Quest

A parodic dungeoneering game spurred on by 1km1kt.


Technically on the backburner until Drifting gets finished, Orchestra is my first serious tabletop game project, and has actually seen release. Link goes to an offsite wiki. Attempts to be a dark, grim, and cyberpunk-themed post-apocalyptic light science-fiction setting and game.