Most everything on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license, except works which are not mine (e.g. the RLTiles I used for my mockups for Project Grammar, and the theme which is courtesy of Google [license unsure]), which are used appropriately for their licenses and are clearly delineated as not being mine.

    A human-friendly transcript of the license can be found here (,

    This means three things-

    You can redistribute my work with anyone and in any method, so long as you clearly and readily state that it is made by me. If you just copy-and-pasted without acknowledging who it belonged to, you would be guilty of a copyright violation as with any other license. You cannot make money off of distributing my content; if you have any money-earning schemes related to giving away the product (including placing it on a site with advertisements), please get my permission first or link back to my site. Basically, you cannot make a cent off of my work without my permission, though you can comment here to get my attention and potentially get attention (I'm making all permission giving public so people don't panic should someone break the rules).

    You can remix my works. Feel free to supplement or revise any of the games I've written, use my writings in projects
, or
even create print copies of my work. There are just three requirements for this-first off, anything you make must be under the same license I use, must be non-commercial, and must reference me. If you want to know more, you can read the whole license.

    You can talk to me. I'm willing to give a fair deal of permissions beyond my general license for most things, as soon as they're finished (I don't want my fragments being scattered too far), but if you wanted to, say, include a short story I wrote in an anthology you're selling, I'd probably be glad to grant you that. Of course, you don't necessarily even have to-if you're distributing it at cost you'd be fine (still, ask me just to be sure, if "at cost" includes a stipend for you it's a little questionable).