My name is Kyle and I am currently a junior at Arlington Community Charter Schools. Computers have always been of great interest to me, and at the moment I'm taking a CIS class through Treasure Valley Community College. This site is to showcase everything I learn thoughout the class while also deminstrating the ability to create a website. I'm hitting two birds with one stone.

My Dream Job!

~ My Dream Job ~
    One of my dream jobs is to become a computer programmer. I want to develope the software that is really going to help people. That's one of the reasons I'm so excited to be in this class, just getting a more basic knowledge of computers. So, if one day I end up like Bill Gates making billions of dollars, I'll make sure to send a thank you letter to Treasure Valley.
    To go a little more in depth, I will give you an example of what my perfect day doing my dream job would consist of. It would start off by waking up in my giant house next to my beautiful wife. I am a major software developer, and today is the day that my newest program is being released. I go to my office in the skyscraper known as K-DUBS Inc. The energy is estatic. The program we are releasing is going to help a lot of people and make computers much easier to use.
    People have been excited about this release for months, including myself. I'm hoping that it will be sucsessful and change the computer indusrty forever. It does. On openeing day, it sells 50 million copies and I make billions of dollars. That would be a perfect day doing my dream job!
    While creating software and making a lot of money would be nice, I would be pretty happy working with computers and making enough money to get by.
    So basically to sum it all up, my dream job would be doing cool things with computers and getting paid to do so!
 ~ My Interests ~
1. Music
2. Computers
3. Friends
4. Sports