DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma) Childhood Brain Cancer 

DIPG is a cancer that is always fatal.  Children live an average of 9 months after diagnosis, there is no cure.  Can you imagine, as a parent, being told that your child only has 9 months to live and that there is nothing they can do to help?  That is the stark reality of this disease.  A child is diagnosed with DIPG brain cancer nearly every day, and another dies each day.  Studies have yet to show an correlation to the cause, what this means is that YOUR child may be next.  Can you imagine being in the position to tell your child that they only have a few months to live?  Can you imagine how your life will turn completely upside-down knowing that it will never be the same again?  Can you imagine watching your super-hero child fight with every inch of their being knowing they will not win the battle?

One of the largest problems inhibiting finding a cure is that the National Cancer Institute Federal Cancer Research Funding for childhood cancers is less than 4% of the total allocation.  Specific childhood cancers, such as DIPG, receive nearly nothing.  And that is where we come in.  

The KylerStrong Foundation was founded in memory of Kyler Bradley who passed away from DIPG April of 2016.  This foundation’s primary goal is to raise funds for DIPG Cancer research so that no other child or family ever has to go through this battle.

We need your help!!  You may ask “Why should I consider the KylerStrong Foundation as part of my outreach?” – Did you know that 100% of ALL proceeds and donations go directly to DIPG Cancer research?  KylerStrong Foundation is a volunteer only organization.  With this strategy we are not bogged down with administration costs, putting on consortiums and such, all which minimize the funding going to the final goal.  But we can’t do it alone, we need you. 

We all prayed for Kyler’s miracle…what we did not know was Kyler was the miracle!  He brought so many caring people together to carry on his legacy, to fight on his behalf so no one ever has to go through what he and his family did.  We hope we can count on your support with your time, treasures, talents and gifts however you are able.  Thank you from the depths of our hearts, and as Kyler would say - "Left foot forward, go THAT direction"!