Want to learn how make a microscope using only a laser pointer, copper wire, and a piece of tape? Of course you do. In the following video I demonstrate some basic laser-pointer microscopy for Annalee Newitz and Esther Inglis-Arkell, the hosts of io9's "We Come From the Future," and I explain how you can easily replicate the process at home. Skip ahead to 3:15 for the microscopy section.

Laser-Pointer Microscopy

A CLONE-related interview we did at the Midpeninsula Community Media Center in Palo Alto. (Thanks to for housing the original video file).

Complete video footage from our Wonder Con 2011 "Real Science in Science Fiction" panel. Spoiler alert: skip ahead to ~3:15 of Part 3 if you want to see our reactions to an inappropriately flirtatious question by an audience member.

WonderCon 2011 - Real Science in Science Fiction - Part 1

WonderCon 2011 - Real Science in Science Fiction - Part 2

WonderCon 2011 - Real Science in Science Fiction - Part 3

WonderCon 2011 - Real Science in Science Fiction - Part 4

Scientess extraordinaire, Joanne Manaster, has created the first video review of How To Defeat Your Own Clone. Since she went to all the trouble, I'll let the video speak for itself. Also, if you enjoy pop science in general, be sure to check out Joanne's other book reviews.

HTDYOC Video Review

Footage from our Wonder Con 2010 panel entitled "Real Science in Science Fiction." The bit below is from the Q&A session.

Real Science in Science Fiction - WonderCon 2010

Clone reading at Diesel bookstore in Oakland. You can watch the complete recorded event on or Hulu, but if you don't have 30 min to burn on the full version, here's a shorter sample clip:

Clone reading at Diesel Bookstore

The Clone web trailer in all its glory. Check out my sweet acting skills:

How to Defeat Your Own Clone web trailer