Bring Me The Head Of 3 x Vinyl LP, Remaster 2021
From Here to Eternity 4 x Vinyl LP & 3 CD 2019
The Infinite Sadness 3 x Vinyl LP & 2 x CD & Double Cassette 2014/2018
Fragments & Compositions Vinyl LP, Remaster 2014
In Miserum Stercus Vinyl LP 2012 
Rural Route no.2 3 inch CD-R 2010
A Young Person's Guide 2 x CD 2010 
Fragments & Compositions CD 2008


Bring Me the Head 2 x CD 2012
Ways of Meaning Vinyl LP 2011
Intimate Rituals CD-R 2011
 Pour les Octaves C20 Cassette 2010
Six Cognitive Works CD-R 2007
Music for Medication CD 2007


Inquiries about available titles for ordering directly or to arrange an event please electronically mail kylebobbydunn at gmail dot com
All titles are now digitally available from http://kylebobbydunn.bandcamp.com