Welcome to the Kosovo Young Faces Network website!

The Center for Security, Development and Rule of Law (DCAF) jointly with the Kosovar Center for Security Studies (KCSS) intends to help build skills in the domain of Security Sector Governance and Oversight within a new generation of security policy experts in Kosovo. DCAF and KCSS have thus launched a “Kosovo Young Faces Network” (KYFN), comprising of three capacity building events that aim to provide insights on norms, standards, principles and best practices in the field of security sector governance and oversight.
The Kosovo Young Faces Network’s objectives are:
-    To provide participants with a comprehensive overview on issues and challenges related to the governance and oversight of the security sector;
-    To provide insights on the role of security providers and security sector oversight actors;
-    To familiarize participants with the role of parliament and civil society in overseeing the security sector;
-    To build participants’ technical skills, in particular on policy paper drafting;
-    To provide a platform for discussion on security sector policy development in Kosovo and in the region;

The Kosovo Young Faces Network participants were selected among young scholars, junior government officials, junior security personnel, members of NGOs and journalists in Kosovo.

The first capacity building event, the Introductory Course on Security Sector Governance and Oversight, was held in Pristina from 23- 25 February 2011. The course provided a comprehensive overview on the governance and oversight of the security sector, focusing particularly on the role of parliament and civil society.  The course also gave an introduction to policy paper drafting, which set the basis for the future policy paper drafting process.

The second event will be held in Pristina in May 2011. Active participation will be awarded with a certificate. Participants who successfully participate in the policy paper drafting process will be invited to take part in a study visit to Geneva which will be held in early summer 2011. The three best policy papers will be considered for publication.