KYF Bucks Store

Earn! Collect!! Redeem!!! Your KYF Bucks!!!!

Even though keeping your body in shape and learning to use proper form are excellent rewards for being a part of Keep Your F.O.R.M., we have established an additional rewards system for all of our hard working athletes!  Every KYF Athlete will receive a KYF Buck for each class they attend.  Additionally, KYF Bucks can be earned for other things, such as the Coach catching you showing great work ethic, using great form, paying attention, bringing other Athletes to KYF, etc.  KYF Bucks can be used to buy anything on our site that shows a price in KYF Bucks!

KYF Bucks are redeemable for any of the prizes on our growing list below, so keep collecting and checking back.

To redeem your KYF Bucks, here's all you have to do:

EARN! Work hard, be the best athlete you can be (this not only gets you KYF Bucks but it also helps your overall improvement)

COLLECT!! Your KYF Bucks that your are given until you have enough to use them.

REDEEM!!! Check the website to see what you want to "buy" with your KYF Bucks, then:

  1. Complete and submit the Prize Selection Form.
  2. Print a copy and turn it in to your Coach along with your KYF Bucks Payment

THAT'S IT - You will get your prize within 7 days!