Weanling Futurity

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KApOA Weanling Futurity

One of KApOA's many programs providing incentives is the Weanling Futurity. Read on below to find out more about the futurity rules and further information.

All weanlings shown in this futurity must meet the 
KY Bred eligibility requirements.

There will be three weanling futurity classes:
  • Weanling Colts ( includes geldings )
  • Weanling Fillies
  • Most Colorful Weanlings

    The weanling colts and fillies may be shown in the futurity with breeding stock ApHC papers. The most colorful weanling class will require that the horse have a regular ApHC registration certificate. Exhibitors must present the original ApHC registration papers to the KApOA entry booth at the show. Both the owner and exhibitor of the horse must be members of KApOA. The futurity will be held on Saturday night, during the Fall BGSApHC show. 
There shall be a nomination fee of $50.00 per class entry. This fee will be non-refundable unless the KApOA Pointkeeper determines that the weanling fails to meet the KY Bred definition. The nomination form and a copy of the weanling’s ApHC registration certificate must be received by the Pointkeeper by August 15, of the current year. 
    The revenue from the nomination fees may be used for administrative costs of the futurity while the Kentucky Breeders’ Incentive Funds proceeds must be paid to the Futurity exhibitors. Payback will be to a minimum of five placings based on the Kentucky Breeders’ Incentive Funds available. It is the intent of KApOA to pay as many placings as possible. This decision will be made each year by the KApOA Breeding/Halter Committee. Awards will be paid in early 2009 by the KY Horse Racing Commission.

    All disputes will be decided by the KApOA Breeding/Halter Committee. For information, you may contact Dennis Dixon, Chairman, KApOA Breeding/Halter Committee at 7190 Corinth Road, Berry, KY 41003. His telephone number is 859-824-6273 and the e-mail address is dixonapp@aol.com. Barbara Dixon, KApOA Pointkeeper has the same contact information.

View Pictures from the 2008 Futurities at the Nan Tippin Classic!

These pictures were taken by Kay Kass at the Nan Tippin Classic, September 27 & 28, 2008.

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