Open Show Program

Last Updated: March 12, 2014

KApOA Show Program Guidelines

      • Horses must be nominated and certified as a Kentucky Bred Appaloosa.
      • Both the owner and the exhibitor of the horse must be current KApOA Members.
      • All required certification, nominations, Regional Club membership and KApOA membership must be postmarked on or before July 1 of current year to participate in the show program.
      • Divisions in KApOA are as follows: Regional Appaloosa Show and Open Show.
      • Competition awards for each division will be distributed by the KY Horse Racing Authority. Awards distribution will be determined by the Show Committee, based on the amount of Kentucky Breeders Incentive Funds awarded by the KY Horse Racing Commission. Awards designated for the Show Program will be divided equally between the Open and Regional divisions.

Requirements to Qualify for Open Show Incentive Fund Money

      1. Appaloosa Competitive All-Breed Activities Program and rules will be utilized in the Open  Show division.
      2. Nominate your KY Bred Appaloosa for the BIF program year (January 1 – December 31) via the nomination forms on the KApOA Website.
      3. Enroll your Ky Bred Appaloosa in the Appaloosa Competitive All Breeds Activities Program
      4. The ApHC Point Report for the nominated horse will determine the number of points used in the calculation of the award.
      5. A maximum of 25 National points will count for calculation of Incentive Fund Money for nominated horse.
      6. Nominated horse’s ApHC Point Report must be postmarked or received by the Point Keeper of  KApOA no later than January 15th.

In order to show, the exhibitor and the owner of the Appaloosa being shown MUST be a paid member of KApOA as well as one of the 3 KY regional Clubs. For more information about these clubs, Contact Us.

Any attempt in connection with the Kentucky Horse Breeders' Incentive Fund to provide false or misleading information to the Kentucky Appaloosa Owners Association or government officials, or to otherwise engage in fraudulent activity, shall result in appropriate disciplinary action be the KApOA and the application of all civil and criminal penalties that may apply.