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                                                                  KApOA Annual Meeting – March  9, 2019

Colton’s Steak House,   Bardstown, KY       1:00 Eastern Time

                  • 1:00  Lunch 
                  • Minutes
                  • Treasurer Report
                  • Current KApOA Participation Update
                  • Items of Discussion:
                    • Award Distribution
                    • Meeting Date
                    • Future Monetary Direction

For More Information Contact:

Annette Whittle


Phone: 859-619-0998

Please review the results, if your points do not match,
 please contact Barbara Dixon by February 23,2019

2018 Results

            2018 Trail Results


Welcome to the site of the Kentucky Appaloosa Owners Association!

Do you own a KY Bred Appaloosa? Want to know what you and your KY Bred Appaloosa can earn? This is the place for you!

The Kentucky Appaloosa Owners Association was formed as a result of the creation of the Kentucky Breeders Incentive Fund, funded by sales taxes on stallion service fees. These tax receipts were made available to all horse breeds in Kentucky based on new legislation and signed into law in 2005. These funds are used to promote each breed and enhance the economic development of the breed in Kentucky.

The Kentucky Appaloosa Owners Association (KApOA) was formed through the cooperation of the 3 Kentucky regional Appaloosa horse clubs recognized by the ApHC:

 Bluegrass State ApHCKY Mid-State ApHC, and West KY ApHC.


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KApOA Officers

Any attempt in connection with the Kentucky Horse Breeders’ Incentive Fund to provide false or misleading information to the Kentucky Appaloosa Owners Association or government officials, or to otherwise engage in fraudulent activity, shall result in appropriate disciplinary action by the KApOA and the application of all civil and criminal penalties that may apply.

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