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Kyani is an Alaskan word for Strong Medicine. This was given to the product after Elders in the Tlingit tribe tried our blend of Blueberries and other powerful fruits and berries. This is one of the few indigenous tribes left in the world, and one of the very few peoples on the planet that don't experience heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, etc. They don't even have a word in the ir native language that references these types of diseases. Today Kyani represents a health and wellness lifestyle for people around the world.

We thank you for taking the time to look at this opportunity. This is unlike anything else you have seen or experienced. Even if you have seen or participated in other network marketing programs you have never seen an opportunity like this one. We offer the best compensation program in the industry, the highest quality products backed by hard science developed by some of the top doctors in their fields and a company that truly has you in mind.

We are Team Aloha and we thank you for taking the time to view this video. When you are done we would ask that you answer a few questions so that we can best help you help yourself!

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“Nine months ago, I had a lot of back and knee pain. As a registered nurse, I work long hours on my feet. I don’t like taking medicine so I just pushed through the pain. Then I started taking Kyäni Sunset. The next day I had more joint flexibility. I realized that if Kyäni could help me, I needed to share the product with others. I believe in these products. They offer a holistic approach to health.”
-Carolyn Mills, Lancaster, CA

"In the fall of 2008, I was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. After a full body scan and DNA testing at Stanford University, I was told I had tumors on my brain, kidneys, and spine. My world was shattered. I immediately started surgeries to have the tumors removed. After my last surgery, I started taking Kyäni. Within three weeks, I noticed more energy. I finally felt normal again! I even took a bike ride through the Santa Cruz Mountains. Now I have regular tests. I don’t have any new tumors and the existing tumors haven’t grown. I’m not scared to go to the doctor. I am seeing great results with Kyäni."
-Manuel Juarez, Watsonville, CA

“As a nine time, international gold medalist in martial arts, I have tried everything without a dramatic difference. With Kyäni, I immediately experienced increased mental alertness, more energy, and had a renewed engagement with life. Kyäni NitroFX has allowed me to increase my training performance by 100 percent! Now I’m 68 years old and have the strongest performances of my career.”
-Mary Louise Zeller, Sundance, UT

“After enduring seven rounds of chemotherapy, I didn’t have feeling in my hands and feet. It was very difficult for me to move. Then I started taking Kyani. I was impressed and surprised when I noticed more energy after four days. Within three weeks, I had feeling in my hands and feet. Now I can walk up and down stairs and I even started playing the piano again. I feel like I’m 80 going on 65. I encourage you to take the opportunity to look into Kyani.”
-Gareth Larsen, Redmond, WA

Anson and Kersulyn Massey, Sapphires from Houston, TX

Anson and Kersulyn Massey both have a strong education with incredible experience in corporate America. They experienced “moderate” success in traditional business but never had the extravagant lifestyle they envisioned for themselves. Anson has been involved in network marketing for decades. His accountant recommended the industry because of its remarkable financial benefits. Then a long-time friend, Micheal Towns, introduced them to Kyäni. These seasoned business professionals were compelled by the Kyäni Founders and products. The Massey’s were also excited that Kyäni represented a new, ground-floor opportunity. 

Within one month, the Massey’s hit Sapphire with a residual income of over $1,800. It was his highest residual check they had ever received. “The money came in so quickly it blew me away!” exclaimed Anson. “I immediately saw that Kyäni represented exciting and phenomenal growth.” Seeing the potential, the Massey’s set a goal to earn six figures a month by next year. “That kind of income speaks for itself. We want to become millionaires with Kyäni!”