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Recent trip to the AF Museum

Recently we traveled to The National Air Force Museum. here are some pics from that trip :


Another KY-123 Cadet goes to McConnell Center YLA

Pistured above is Cadet 1Lt Eric Sirles with the McConnell Center YLA 2014 Group.  Courtesy McConnell Center Flicker Site.

Cadet 1Lt Eric Sirles was choosen as an attendee for the 2014 Young Leaders Academy at the McConnell Center at the University of Louisville.  He attended a civic minded leadership academy taught by some of the brightest minds and McConnell Scholars the University of Louisville has to offer.  This years topic was "Domocracy in America".  Cadet Sirles had a great time and enjoyed the learning experience, and as you can see made some new friends. 


Busy summer for KY-123 Members!

Members from GLR-KY-123 were very busy this summer.  Two members attended Encampment in Kentucky, one attended Encampment in Indiana, Three attended National Emergency Services Academy, one attended the Civil Engineering Course at Tyndall AFB, and one attended National Glider Academy in Mattoon IL earning his Pre-Solo Wings!  Two of those that attended NESA obtained their GT-3 rating allowing them to deploy with ground teams in emergency services missions, and one obtained his Observer and IC-3 rating.  Way to go.  All totaled 5 NSCA Ribbons and 3 Encampment Ribbons were earned this summer. 


3 Local Units get O-Ride of a Lifetime!


GLR-KY-123, GLR-KY-039, and GLR-IN-126 all were treated to an O-Ride of a lifetime on a KY Air National Guard C-130-H on 13 August 2012.  In all 76 Cadets and Senior Members were taken on one of two flights lasting about an hour.  Members arrived for a pre-flight briefiing with the loadmaster, and went over aircraft safety while in flight.  Then split into two groups the first group walked out on the airfield and boarded the aircraft.  After the first flight the groups did an engine turning change and the second group took to the air.  While in the air the flight crew was even nice enough to allow the attendees on the flight deck to look around.  After landing both groups were able to talk to the crew for a bit and a great time was had by all. To watch the video click link below. 



Cadet Senior Airman Kernen reports on his time at McConnell Young Leaders

The youth leadership academy took place on U of L campus from Wednesday, 25 July to Saturday, 29th. There were 35 students from around the state that came to the McConnell center, and we were split into four teams. The teams, each led by a McConnell center scholar were charged with coming up with what we thought was the ideal community. Each team was given the same parameters, but we each had quite different ideas of what the ideal community would be. Some of those groups, were split into different groups for a debate on the final day. We spent about 2 hours each day researching a pro or con point to four different statements (changing the dropout age to 18, welfare helps people struggling to get back on their feet, congress should balance the budget annually, and marriage is necessary for a community). During the four days, several U of L professors and contributors spoke about several topics ranging from politics and twitter to country music and the Electoral College. They were all quite enlightening. I made several friends from around the state, and had a wonderful experience.

Pistured below is Cadet SAmn Kevin Kernen with the 2012 McConnell Center YLA 2012 Group.  Courtesy McConnell Center Flicker Site.

Red Cross trains KY-123, 039, 057 to respond to Disasters


16 June 2012


Three Composite Units from the Kentucky Wing met at the Louisville Area Chapter of the American Red Cross to attend a Disaster Overview Class.  This class is the basic overview to all disaster services that the American Red Cross offers.  Units in attendance were the KY-123, and KY-039 from Louisville, and KY-057 from Bowling Green made the trip up to take this class as well.  Topics covered were the Red Cross disaster response to local disasters such as fires, but also national disasters such as Hurricane Ike, and Katrina.  This was the first step in our step to become community partiners and be more involved in disaster response in the state with the Red Cross or Civil Air Patrol. 



Two KYANG Cadets Selected for McConnell Center Young Leaders Academy


31 May 2012


C/SA Kevin Kernen and C/MSgt Brittany Copeland were selected as and attendee and alternate respectively for the U of L McConnell Center Young Leaders Academy. 

The following info is from the McConnell center website about the program:

Kentucky high school students (grades 9-12) are eligible to apply for our Young Leaders Academy, a summer residential leadership conference at the University of Louisville.  The McConnell Center offers this annual program to outstanding high school students to help hone their leadership skills and further their understanding of American history.  This year's theme, "# Occupy Your Mind," will explore how current social, cultural, and economic movements in America are transforming the global landscape and ushering in a new generation of leadership.  Participants will stay on the University of Louisville's Belknap Campus under the guidance of McConnell Center staff and university honors students. Participants will take part in a series of seminars, discussions, lectures, team-building activities and structured socials during their four-day stay.  Sessions will be led by faculty, staff and students of the University of Louisville and other area institutions and will be conducted at or near an entry level college experience.  Each participant will receive a full scholarship that includes free lodging, meals and all conference materials for the Young Leaders Academy.


KY-123 has it's Annual Awards Night

23 February 2012

KY-123 met at Ryan's in Fern Creek to have it's Annual Awards Night.  Special guests in attendance were Captain Kent Moore USAF, Operations Commander for U of L AFROTC, Cadet William Tobergte USAF, Cadet Inspector General U of L AFROTC, Gene McManaway, AFA Vice President, and CPO James Shipp USN ret..  Some of the highlights of the evening were of course the awards: AFA Cadet of the Year: Cadet Brittany Copeland, AFSA NCO of the Year: Cadet Lindsey Zaremba, VFW Cadet Officer of the Year: Cadet Noah Rogers, VFW Cadet NCO of the Year: Cadet Vincent Serapiglia, Unit Cadet Officer of the Year: Cadet Noah Rogers, Unit NCO of the Year: Cadet Brittany Copeland, Cadet Airman of the Year: Cadet Eric Sirles.  We also had some members get Governor's Citations for Community Service: Senior Gary Rogers, Cadet Noah Rogers, Cadet Serapiglia.  Members also got some other awards that night as well.  Fun was had by all and was a great way to reflect on all the hard work KY-123 did in 2011!


KY-123 and KY-039 Celebrate CAP's 70th Birthday

1 December 2011

Members of 123 and 039 met at the KYANG Annex for a birthday celebration, CAP's Birthday.  The Civil Air Patrol turned 70.  Stated just before World War II the Civil Air Patrol has been through many changes in it's history.  From our sub chasing days in the War to a Civil Defense roll, to our Cadet Programs and Emergency Services of today.  Members of both units had cake and drinks and spent some time in fellowship and talking about Civil Air Patrol. 

KY-123 and KY-039 attend Bullitt Lecture at U of L

3 November 2011

Several members of KY-123, and KY-039 attended the Bullitt Lecture presented by Linda Spilker at U of L Rauch Planetairum on 3 November.  Linda is director of the Cassini Project from NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab.  She lectured on the Cassini Mission to study Saturn and the rings of the planet, as well as, several of the planets moons.  It was very informative and showed several pictures and a time line of the mission still in progress for the next 6 years.  After the lecture the Planetairum staff was gracious enough to allow a special showing of "Skies Over Louisville" for the CAP members in attendance.  The Bullitt series lectures at U of L are supported by an endowment from the family of the family of former U.S. Solicitor General William Marshall Bullitt.

2 Kentucky Seniors win Honor Graduates at NESA

6 August 2011

Captain David Kantor (039) and 2dLt. Mike Weimer (123) have won Distinguished Graduate awards from the Civil Air Patrols National Emergency Services Academy (NESA) held this year at Camp Atterbury in Indiana.  Captain Kantor won for Basic Ground Team School for week two, and 2dLt. Weimer won for Incident Command School for week one.   Both Seniors are from the two Composite Squadrons in Louisville.  NESA offers Ground Search and Rescue Schools, Air Crew Schools, and Incident Command Schools for 2 weeks a year as part of the Cadet National Special Activities Programs of the Civil Air Patrol.  NESA is the 2nd most attended activity held by CAP next to the National Boards (and this year they think they even topped that).  For more information on NESA go to their web site at: 

Pictures below:  Capt. David Kantor, CAP (KY-039) being awarded his NESA Distinguised Graduate Coin by LTC. Michael Long, CAP Comandant of the NESA Ground School.  2dLt. Michael Weimer being awarded his coin by LTC Pete Norris, CAP Comandant of the ICSS School.








4 KY-123 Members set to attend National Activities this year.

1 June 2011

2dLt. Michael Weimer, C/CMSgt Noah Rogers, C/2dLt Parker Hovis, and C/MSgt Lindsey Zaremba will be attending CAP National Activities August 2011.  Cadet Hovis is no stranger to National Activities having attended 3 already, Hawk Mountain in Pennsylvania twice, and National Blue Beret in Wisconsin.  This will be his third trip back to Hawk Mountain, it will also be his last for a while as he will depart for the United States Marine Corps Training Depot in August.  For the other 3 this will be their first time attending a National Activity and as it so happens they will all be attending the same one, NESA in Atterbury Indiana.  National Emergency Services Academy, or NESA for short teaches several courses and tracks, including and Air School, Ground School, and Mission Base Staff School.  The camp runs 2 sessions each a week long.  Cadets Rogers, and Zaremba will be attending Ground School and work on their Ground Team 3 qualification.  2dLt. Michael Weimer will be attending Mission Base Staff School and working to complete a multitude of tasks including Mission Safety Officer, Finance/Admin Section Chief, PIO, and several others.  This is on top of all 4 attending the Kentucky Wing Encampment in June.  Hopefully all will be able to share the training they receive back at the unit. 

KY123 helps with NLE 2011.

Lt Col Mike Wendlegast, 2dLt. Mike Weimer, C/TSgt Lindsey Zaremba, and C/SAmn Brittany Copeland assisted several members from across the Wing to staff Wing Headquarters for the New Madrid National Level Exercise.  Cadets Copeland and Zaremba trained as Mission Staff Assistants (MSA) for the mission.  The MSA is the basic mission based staff and is required training to train or perform any other mission based staffing.  2dLt Mike Weimer trained as a Mission Safety Officer (MSO), and Finance / Admin Section Chief (FASC).  Lt Col Wendlegast served as MSO for one of the mission days.  The mission lasted for 4 days 16 May through 19 May and measured Kentucky’s response and preparations’ to a 7.7 magnitude earthquake on the New Madrid Fault Zone.  Several CAP planes flew over the “effected area” to do tasking from KY Emergency Management and National Guard.  The mission was hailed as a great training opportunity.  Pictures below: Lt Col Wendlegast monitors weather and papers filled by flight crews.  Cadets Copeland and Zaremba track planes status in the Operations Center.


KY-123 Helps with Comex, helps prep for NLE in May.

SM Mike Weimer KY-123, along with Capt. Tim Anderson KY-073, Capt. Steve Davis KY-073, and C/SMSgt Christian Davis KY-073, all assisted the Kentucky EOC, and KY National Guard in a Comex on 1 Apr 2011.  This was conducted out of Boone Center at the KY EOC.  They tested the radio infastructure to ensure communcations incase of a state wide emergency.  Civil Air Patrol assisted with communcations on the ground, as well as, providing a plane to post an airborne repeater in the area to test communications.  The test was a sucess, and showed that along with Civil Air Patrol, Kentucky's Emergency Communications is ready for an emergency. 

KYANG-123 Civil Air Patrol Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Parker Hovis awarded Air Force Association Cadet of the Year.

Vice President of Membership Gene McManaway made the presentation at the KYANG-123 CAP Squadron Awards Dinner.  The annual Cadet of the Year award is given to any cadet, regardless of rank, who displays outstanding dedication to Civil Air Patrol’s three missions.  The Civil Air Patrol, the official auxiliary of the U. S. Air Force, was founded on Dec. 1, 1941. CAP is a non-profit organization with a membership today of over 61,000 volunteers. Working with the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center (AFRCC), the CAP members perform search and rescue missions within the continental U.S. Its volunteers also perform homeland security, disaster relief, and counter-drug missions at the request of federal, state, and local agencies. In addition, they take a leading role in aerospace education and serving as mentors to American youth participating in the CAP Cadet Program.

From AFA Kentucky Web-Site

SM Weimer and C/A1C Williams attend Indiana Wing Conference
Members from KY-123 attended the Indiana Wing Conference in Indianapolis In. 12 Feb 2011.   When they got there they were in for a treat, as they were able to meet with the CAP National Commander Major General Amy Courter.  General Courter was even nice enough to pose for a photo with C/A1C Williams.  Among other things, there were several break out sessions covering everything from Aerospace Engineering to a State of CAP address by Major General Courter.  Cadet Williams, was also able to build a model plane during an AEX break out session and make some new friends in the process.  SM Weimer was able to attend classes on CISM, and Proffesional Development, as well as use of social media by Civil Air Patrol, something we have been doing for a while.  Attending wing conferences is a execelent source of training and unit development ideas, it is also a requirement for Seniors to complete Level 3.  Pictures below: Major General Amy Courter, CAP and Cadet A1C Rachel Williams.  Cadet A1C Willaims before the State of CAP Address.
2  KY-123 Cadets attend Indiana ILA
Two KY-123 Cadets, C/Am Brittany Copeland, and C/SAm Lindsey Zaremba attended Indiana's Group XII ILA (Intergrated Leadership Academy).  This school was held in Evansville, In. 14-15 January.  C/Am Copeland attended the Basic Academy, while C/SAm Zaremba attended the NCO track.  Both said that learning how other Cadets from other Wings do things is a great eye-opener to new experiences for the same tasks.  This class was taught totaly by Cadet Officers of the Indiana wing and instructed near 30 Cadets in tracks covering Basic Cadets, NCO's, and Cadet Officers.  This is the Indiana equal to the KY-Wing Airman, NCO school.  Pictures below:  C/Am Copeland learns to shine boots.  C/SAm Zarembra (Dubbed Alaphabet by her Instructors) learns how to do a Squadron Inspection.
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