As Kentuckians, we have seen how the national media portray those of us who refuse to buy into the slick salesmanship of the Barack Obama campaign.  We know that our most deeply held beliefs are not based in fear and bitterness.  And we recognize that what makes America the greatest nation on earth are the principles and ideals that transcend partisan politics.

John McCain understands these basic truths all too well.  And that is why Kentuckians will line up behind him in overwhelming numbers in order to make him the next President of the United States.

As a POW in Vietnam, Sen. McCain learned and lived what it means to serve a cause greater than oneself.  When presented with the opportunity to regain the freedoms so many Americans take for granted, he rejected it in the name of honor and loyalty to the prisoners who were taken before him.  Senator McCain lives by that code to this day.  And the suffering he endured only served to strengthen his commitment to the principles of honor and loyalty he carries with him in his quest to lead the nation he served.

On May 20, 2008, Kentucky's Democrats banded together to let Sen. Barack Obama know that they do not support him -- by over a two-to-one margin.  Little has changed for the Illinois senator in the Commonwealth since that day.  And, the truth is, little is going to change between now and November.

Kentuckians understand the value of America's symbols and do not believe that they represent a shallow kind of patriotism.  We revere them and take exception to those who would treat them as mere trinkets to be cast aside as "kitsch", or trampled on as emblems of oppression.  That's because Kentuckians understand the sacrifice that so many brave men and women have undertaken to ensure that those symbols endure as the embodiment of a nation which has given so much to its people, and to people around the world.

On November 4, Americans will undertake to exercise the ultimate right for which so many of our brave, selfless men and women have fought and died throughout our nation's history:  The right to choose who will represent us and our ideals.  Undoubtedly, Kentuckians will choose Sen. John McCain to be that person.

Let us make our choice with the words "God Bless America" on our lips.