Bowman Field Senior Squadron Training Website

Welcome to the Bowman Field Senior Squadron Training Website

      Welcome and thank you for joining the Civil Air Patrol. This site has been established to to help you begin your initial training in two areas: Professional Development and Emergency Services. As a new member you will be completing an extensive amount of training during your first six months of membership preparing you for your professional and emergency services roles as a CAP member.

      Initial Professional Development training acclimates you to the Civil Air Patrol, our customs and courtesies, our history, our core values, cadet protection, safety, and and other areas within our organization.

      You can start your training in Emergency Services (ES), however, until you complete Level 1, the emergency services training you complete does not show up on your training record in eServices. Since the Bowman Field Senior Squadron is a senior member squadron, we mostly train and deploy air crews as well as mission base staff.

      Use the links to the right or in the menu to begin your training. Remember, you will need to complete training in both areas. Level I training and General Emergency Services should be completed within your first six months of membership.
Civil Air Patrol's Professional Development Website

Portal for progressing through Professional
Development training

Portal for progressing through Emergency Services training

Portal for immediate access to
various on-line courses and on-line exams

eServices is the portal for maintaining
all of your training records and  completing
most of your on-line training