A Touching Old Song

Author: Eddie Fox
About: 1878

Three Parished in the Snow

Twas on a stormy winter night

The snow was falling fast

A mother and two little babes

Were wondering through the blast

Still clinging to their mother's breast

The little ones would cry

Oh momma won't you make us warm

Oh momma we will die.


Toll the village bells

Let all good people know

Twas on a stormy winter night

Three parished in the snow

Oh darling look up in my eyes

and say you will not die

For mother's heart is beating fast

And death to me is nigh.

Then wrapping up the little ones

She knelt down in the snow.

Oh God in heaven take us home

We are ready now to go.

When morning, dawn the sun came out

The snow was falling fast

Three darling forms lie side by side

In one fond, loving clasp

A farmer heard the sad, sad news

Which made him weep to know

That from his house not twenty yards, three parished in the snow.