Bible Records / Collection

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 1834 Metzgar Bible

The front page has writing in that is hard to read but it loks like it reads

"Axxxxxx in Amerika

New York

XXX August 1854"

Below that my great grandmother wrote

"This book belonged to my great grandmother Metzgar.

Sophia Morrison

412 Vine St.

Emporium, PA 15834


Please return it to address"


1879 General Council of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in N.America / George Markert

 The bible has no writing but has a small triangular piece of brown taffeta fabric inside and a piece of an encampment certificate:

"Emporium Encampment, No. 288 I.O.O.F

of the State of Pennsylvania 

This Certifies 

 Geo. Markert 

was regularly received into this encampment on the 

 24 day of July 1890 

Geaf (?) LaBar C.P.

H.G. Ault R. Scribe"


  Franklin Halderman Bible

 Parallel Bible, weighs more than 14 pounds!


Franklin Halderman was born Sep 6th 1860 

Louisa Ma Halderman was born Oct 14th 1863

Mabel  Arenia Halderman was born May 1, 1885

Joseph Lee Halderman was born Sep 3, 1887

Mac  Halderman was born Nov 10, 1889

Mirtle Grace Halderman was born June 3, 1895

Frank E. Halderman was born Dec 1, 1901


Mac  Halderman died June 28, 1905

Joseph Lee Halderman died Feb. 9, 1935

Frank Halderman died July 4, 1938

Louisa Malone Halderman died March 20, 1945

Mabel Irene Halderman died October 4, 1967

John O. Hemphill died Sept. 11, 1961

Grace Halderman Bell  died Feb. 21, 1961


Frank Halderman and Louise Malone was married Nov. 19, 1888

Mabel Irene Halderman and John Orvis Hemphill were married March 21, 1906 

(Some of the writing was hard to read and there were obvious mis-spelling that were included in this text)

Lizzie Markert McDonald Bible


 Written on inside:

Lizzie Markert

Beechwood Pa

Cameron County

Nov 20, 05

Dewey           Harry               Henry

Grandma Weiss      Geo. P Markert (Dad)

Fred        Frank    Sophia

Dorothea- Mother    Dorothy

Kathyrin   John     Elizabeth

Edna     May  Gertrude  Margaret   June 1, 1960

Weiss Bible

1845 Old German Bible

 There are a lot of names and dates...all written in german.





Eckstrom (Ekström) Bible 


An old Swedish Bible 

It is very big and heavy! 

1950 Rutheine Davis Bible

The outside cover and the "presented to" page.

Some of the contents of the bible: