3rd Annual Dirt Digging PA Group Hunt

Dirt Digging PA

Third Annual Treasure Hunt

Location: Cameron County Fairgrounds

(About 1 mile northwest of Emporium)

Rt 46, Emporium, PA 15834

Saturday, May 6 & Sunday, May 7, 2017

Link to event calendar!

This information is subject to change!

Saturday Hunt, May 6th

8:30-9:30 Registration
9:30-10:30 Poker Hunt
10:45-12:00 Everything Hunt
12:00~1:00 Lunch (Hot dogs and chips)
1:00-2:00 Bottle Cap Hunt
2:30-4:00 Trash and Treasure hunt
4:00-??:50/50, Raffle: 1/10oz gold, eagle

  Sunday Hunt, May 7th

8:30-9:30 Registration
9:30-10:30- Poker Hunt
Everything hunt
12:00-1:00 Lunch ( Pizza)
1:00-2:30  Token Hunt
2:45-4:00 Silver hunt
0-??:50/50, Raffle: 1/10oz gold, eagle

The schedule is subject to change. All hunts may include a mixture of item categories.

Deadline for prepayment discount is April 1, 2017.  Fee for hunt is $45.00 per day or $80 for both days. After April 1st, the charge will be $50.00 per day or $100 for both until maximum participation is reached.    No "walk-ins" permitted on the day of the hunt.

Note: Your spot in the hunt is reserved when your payment is received.

Hunt is payable by Paypal, Cash, Check, Postal Money Order.

There will be a maximum limit of 75 People HUNTING each day.

* bring your own beverages and snacks to share.

Note: No alcoholic beverages other than those at the sampling table provided by Straub Beer! Any prizes that consist of alcoholic beverages will not be awarded to anyone under the age of 21 and cannot be opened or consumed during the hunt.

Smoking is permitted but dispose of your butts properly.


  • Hunters must hunt alone, no teams are allowed on the fields unless it is a scheduled team event

  • No cash refunds, due to the purchase of coins and prizes leading up to the weekend’s events


  • Headphones or ear buds are required for events

  • No oversized or Large Coils (W.O.T. Coils, Big Foot Coils).

  • Only registered people can hunt in events

  • No sharing of registration is permitted

  • No one will be permitted in hunt area without a detector, headphones and/or hunt ID

  • Please bring proper clothing for the weather

  • These events will take place on the scheduled days RAIN OR SHINE

  • All targets will be no more than four (4”) inches deep

  • Anyone not following responsible metal detecting practice’s such as covering holes, will be disqualified without a refund.

  • Remove all trash from the field

  • Do not leave large rocks at the surface
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult

Information for your convenience: