The Kitchener-Waterloo Vision and Imaging Society (KW-VIS) is a regional society of academics, industrial professionals, and students who have special interests in the advancement of vision and imaging technologies. The mission of KW-VIS is in the promotion of social and collaborative activities that lead to public awareness of computer vision and imaging and its role in society, as well as the advancement and application of computer vision and imaging technologies in various areas of academic and industrial interests. KW-VIS provides its members access to a forum for discussion, collaboration, ideas, and social networks to further promote a sense of community for individuals working and/or interested in this exciting and growing field.

July 30th 2014 - Kick-off Meeting. 

KW-VIS is an open society and welcomes all professionals and students with interests in various areas of vision and imaging.

Current leadership of the society is composed of academic and industry professionals.

Several local companies and laboratories are affiliated with KW-VIS in an effort to promote the growth of vision and imaging technologies in the KW region.

We have compiled a set of resources that could be of use to the community.