2017 KWMS IC

Welcome to 2017 KWMS the 13th International Conference!

June 23 - June 24, 2018, POSTECK , Korea

The KWMS International Conference(KWMS IC) has been held annually, jointly sponsored by KIAS and KWMS since 2004. The central goal of KWMS IC is to encourage women and girl students to have active careers in the mathematical sciences and to give an opportunity in which they share past experiences, new advances and research results. The important features of KWMS international conference are the plenary talks, general talks of renowned speakers, sessions presentation on a broad range of research in pure and applied mathematics as well as mathematics education and poster presentations.  
We welcome leading experts and researchers as well as undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students working in mathematical science from across the world. Please join us this summer for 2017 KWMS IC, where you will be sure to have a meaningful experience with experts from around the world.

Contact us : kwms2004@gmail.com