Post-Conference Publication

All participants will be invited to submit a paper, due at the end of the conference, January 11, 2013. The paper must be in accordance with the style requirements of Acta Carsologica. Detailed information on style requirements can be found here.

  • Each paper will be limited to 5000 words and 8 tables/figures, without prior arrangement with the editor. 
  • Review papers are especially welcome. Papers that do not follow the style guidelines will be returned without review. 
  • All papers will be subject to peer review and submission does not guarantee publication.
  • In a few exceptional cases, papers based on a poster will be considered for publication in the special issue of Acta Carsologica.        

        There will be a two-step acceptance procedure. The paper first must be accepted by the Special Editor (David Culver) and then by the journal editor (Franci Gabrovšek). For further information contact David Culver (
The anticipated publication date is October, 2013.