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There is growing interest in the dynamics of both inorganic and organic carbon in karst systems, and especially in the flux of carbon and nutrients between the surface and subsurface and between different components in the karst subsurface.

This symposium is about these and other questions connected to carbon in karst and boundaries in karst. 

It is especially timely both because of rapid advances in the field and the importance of carbon sequestration in global climate change The symposium will highlight recent advances in biology, geology, and hydrology that are helping us understand the dynamics of karst ecosystems, especially with respect to carbon. 

There will be both invited lectures and contributed posters covering the following topics:
      • The Upper Boundary
      • Epikarst The Lower Boundary
      • Phreatic Zone Lateral Inputs
      • Insurgences Lateral Outputs
      • Resurgences for CO2
      • Processing and Storage Organic Carbon
      • Sources and Quality Synthesis and Large Scale Models