Emma & Nelson

Emma & Nelson will be a major international co-production. A modern story of a young woman making her way in the world, wanting to be known,the Kate Moss of her generation, famous long before she met Nelson in Naples.

'It' girl, courtesan, dancer, celebrity, artists’ model, fashion icon, actress, double agent, Ambassador’s wife and hero’s
mistress, Emma Hamilton performed many roles in her astonishing rise from poverty to wealth and fame in the courts of France, Italy and England. At a time of great upheaval in Europe and when North America had just gained its independence, she was a celebrity, a confidante of Marie Antoinette and her sister Caroline, Queen of Naples, but not welcome at the court of George III. 
No role was more important for Emma than the part she played in Naples on 19th July 1798. She had joined the welcome party for Admiral Horatio Nelson, the victor of the Nile as his fleet anchored off the Bay of Naples.
As soon as the great man boarded the welcome boat, she began, as one contemporary observer noted, to assume ‘all the appearance of a tragic queen’. Then to the astonishment of onlookers, and with cheers and cannon fire resounding across the bay, she gathered Nelson into her arms, and, leaving the royal entourage and her husband, Sir William Hamilton, in her wake, carried the triumphant but exhausted hero into the ship’s cabin. Thus began her passionate affair with Nelson and the incredible ménage a trois with the blessing of her husband Sir William. England’s Mistress has been optioned for a film by Picture Palace. The script is written by Sarah Williams and
Hayley Atwell (The Duchess) is slated to play the lead role.
Emma Hamilton
     Hayley Atwell