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Kate appears regularly discussing history, arts and politics on television and radio, including on Newsnight,BBC Breakfast, various documentaries,Channel 4 News and The One Show.

She featured heavily in the coverage of the Royal Wedding, joining Huw Edwards after the ceremony to discuss the receptions, the politics, the honeymoon and the future for the Duke and Duchess, and commentating live from Westminster Abbey in the morning with Jane Garvey on Radio 4.

She is the social historian on Restoration Home, the major BBC Two series about the restoration of historic houses.

Her one-hour Timewatch special 'Young Victoria' broadcast in 2008, received 2.2 million viewers and is regularly repeated around the world. The Radio Timesreviewed it as 'superb'. 

She has discussed the history of self help, Prince Charles and the constitution, politics and the royal wedding, the value of the monarchy and the importance of observational history on the Today programme and reviewed the newspapers nine times on BBC Broadcasting House.

In 2010, she discussed Princess Charlotte and the Congress of Vienna for The History of Puddings on Channel 4, and the history of bread and sandwiches for The Great British Bake-Off on BBC2. She also explored the voice of Queen Victoria and discussed Emma Hamilton's ipod choices in autumn 2010 on Radio 4.

In 2009, she discussed the royal love affair with Scotland on Balmoral and the Royals on BBC2, Anna Scott and the Duke of Monmouth for Scotland's Clans: the Scotts of Buccleuch for BBC Scotland and Jack the Ripper and his crimes for Jack the Ripper: Newspaper Killer on Channel 5, and Charles Greville, Emma Hamilton and the founding of the Royal Horticultural Society for the Gardener's World Special on the founders of the RHS on BBC 2. She also explored Sherlock Holmes and Victorian England for the ITV Boxing Day special, In Search of Sherlock Holmes and Henry VIII's women for Henri VIII: un amour de tyranon France 2 with Stéphane Bern.

She wrote and presented 'The Grandfather of Self-Help' to commemorate the publication of Samuel Smiles' Self-Help in 2009, and discussed the history of self-help on the Today programme. She also appeared on Today at the end of 2010, discussing Prince Charles' future role as King and the potential character of his reign, as well as three times so far in 2011, discussing the political implications of the royal wedding, the future of the monarchy and the value of observational history.

She has explored Nelson and Emma on Richard and Judy, Nelson’s Trafalgar with Michael Portillo on BBC1, and Rum, Sodomy and the Lash: the Realities of Nelson’s Navy on Channel 4.

Kate also reviews the newspapers frequently on Radio 4’s Broadcasting House, most recently in February 2014. She has appeared five times on the Today programme and twice on Woman's Hour, she explored the Mary Hamilton letters, hosted a 'History Girls' party for their Boxing Day Mistresses Special, discussed her book Becoming Queen and debated the question of the 'feminisation' of history. Kate talked about Young Victoria on the Guestlist on Classic FM and with Simon Mayo on his Radio 5 programme, as well as reviewing other TV programmes as one of his panellists. She discussed Mendelssohn, salon culture and Queen Victoria with Iain Burnside live from the Victoria and Albert Museum as part of the Radio 3 Mendelssohn weekend. She also talked about Christmas through the ages for the Radio 3 Christmas Sunday morning programme in December 2009. She also considered fictional detective Sexton Blake on Radio 2 for The Search for Sexton Blake. She has also talked about her work on various local radio stations, including BBC Radio Kent, Sheffield, Solent, Hereford and Worcester, West Midlands, Jersey, and Liverpool.