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This website shows Ken's artwork from his time at the Royal Academy until 2007. During his lifetime he hardly ever publicly displayed his paintings as he did not value his own work or seek any acclaim; however, his work is held in very high regard by other artists and many who saw his work. Consequently, family and friends wanted to show others what he achieved and keep a record of his work through this website.  

Ken was an artist who employed impressionistic techniques and mastered a wide range of genres. Look out for his mystery paintings where he cleverly hides images and discover enchanted worlds and true life stories within them.  Please send us your comments about his art and let us know if you have one of his paintings. Click here for More about Ken Hill.

"Artist, teacher and translator who was selflessly dedicated to encouraging others and preserving traditional things"


Ken has become quite well known for his Guernsey-French translations for which he spent several years researching and writing to help preserve this ancient language. He has translated work by Marjorie Ozanne, viewed as one of the most important writers in the 20th century in Guernsey, Denys Corbet, a poet, artist and teacher and Metivier, a friend of Victor Hugo's. Ken not only translated the Guernsey-French but he hid writers portraits and stories in his pantings.  He had a great imagination and was a very literate person.  

Thank you to John Fitzgerald for taking nearly all the photos on this website and thank you to the Sula Gallery for making some frames for Ken Hill before he died. Thank you also to all those who 
contributed memories of Ken and gave
advice about his art and translations

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All images belong to K W Hill and family or to individual contributors. They are of reduced quality and watermarked.  We are happy for you to view them but please do not download any images without permission.

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