SCA 50 Year Choir

The Known World Choir will be performing at SCA 50 Year Celebration! 
Lady Tangwystl verch Gruffydd of the Barony of Northwoods in the Middle Kingdom will be directing,
assisted by 
The Honorable Lady Angharat Goch and Lady Margrett Norwoode.

If you are interested in participating, please join the Facebook group Known World Choir at 50 Year Celebration for updates and information. 
Note that Master Christian d'Hiver has organized an unofficial rehearsal of our music at the St Cecilia at the Tower event in the Barony of Cynnabar on April 30. Lady Tangwystl will be directing.

Please contact Lady Tangwystl verch Gruffydd for more information.

The setlist has been chosen by Lady Tangwystl from songs performed by the Known World Choir at Pennsic in prior years, to honor the 50th anniversary of the SCA and the history of the Known World Choir:

 TitleComposer Year Performed
 Sanctus, Missa Pange Lingua Josquin des PrezPennsic 24
 El Grillo Josquin des PrezPennsics 34 & 36
 O Magnum Mysterium Tomás Luis de VictoriaPennsics 30 & 37
 Weep O Mine Eyes John BennetPennsic 39
 Tanzen und Springen Hans Leo HasslerPennsic 40 
 If Ye Love Me Thomas TallisPennsic 41 
 Shir Hama'alot Salomone RossiPennsic 42
 Pastime with Good Companie Henry VIIIPennsics 33 & 42
 Sicut Cervus Giovanni Pierluigi da PalestrinaPennsic 42
 There Were Three Ravens Thomas RavenscroftPennsic 43 
 So Trinken Wir Alle Arnold von BruckPennsic 44

The compiled sheet music can be downloaded on this page. Sanctus, Missa Pange Lingua, El Grillo and O Magnum Mysterium are courtesy of which has made its files available to the public. Please consider making a donation to that web site if you find the files helpful. 

**Learning files for each song are available at:

Choir Schedule:
Rehearsal 9:30AM - 11AM daily, Sun 6/19 through Thur 6/23 
Performing Arts classroom (Behind Tavern) 

Dress Rehearsal 9:30AM - 11AM Fri 6/24 
Performing Arts classroom (Behind Tavern) 

Performance 1PM - 1:45PM Fri 6/24 
Indoor Stage (Main A&S Hall)