Chorulus Pennsicus

This select choir consists of 12-20 members chosen by audition. Chorulus Pennsicus performs more challenging works in a small group format. It rehearses in 
a private camp from 4-5 pm each day beginning on the middle Saturday of Pennsic, though this year there may be one or two 90 minute rehearsals. Chorulus Pennsicus performs more complex and demanding music than the full Pennsic Choir normally does. In addition, it's expected that Chorulus Pennsicus singers will come to Pennsic having already learned the music, so we can focus on polishing rather than teaching parts

The music for Pennsic 48 has not been selected yet. It will be chosen based on the voices available, but will include at least one 8-part piece with 2 voices on a part for a total of 16 singers. I'm looking primarily at liturgical pieces, possibly something antiphonal. .

At Pennsic 48,  Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope will be directing Chorulus Pennsicus. She is the founder of the group and this will be her second time as director. If you would like to audition for the choir, please email her by March 31, 2019 at Please include an audio or video file of you singing solo, preferably a cappella. It does not have to be medieval music. Please also include a description of your singing experience, your SCA and modern names. your email address, and your functional voice range (e.g. Alto I, low F to high D).

Mistress Gianetta directing Chorulus Pennsicus at Pennsic 47