Spanish 4

Course Descriptions:

Spanish IV

Spanish IV emphasizes the mastery of skills acquired in the first three years of Spanish course offerings.  Students work independently on projects, readings, and writings.

Your commitment to languages is remarkable.  We will continue with the subjunctive and add additional information to some of the previously learned grammar and vocabulary.  Plan on speaking a lot of Spanish during class and working on projects. 

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Course Outline:
 Spanish IVA:                                                                        Spanish IVB:
Central American cultures                                                         The Caribbean Spanish-speaking countries
Political vocabulary                                                                   Graduation and future plans vocabulary
Commands – review and nosotros                                              Subjunctive with Conjunctions other than time
Speculating with Conditional Tense                                            The Imperfect Subjunctive
Rigoberta Menchú – activist from Guatemala                               The Poet Nicolás Guillén – Ébano Real
Environmental vocabulary                                                          Holiday vocabulary
Present subjunctive review                                                         Subjunctive with Nonexistent and Indefinite
Present Perfect Subjunctive                                                       Conditional sentences
Brief reading of Nicaraguan literacy                                             Puerto Rican Mask traditions
Nature and Ecotourism vocabulary                                              Patriotic vocabulary
Review Subjunctive uses                                                            Summary of the Subjunctive
Subjunctive with ‘cuando’ and other conjunctions of time               The Subjunctive vs. the Indicative
Short reading by Juan José Arreola                                             The Poet and Writer José Martí – de Versos sencillos: I
Short reading about Costa Rica’s Rain Forests                            Brief reading of the history of the Dominican Republic

Cultural Projects:
Bullfights – primarily in Spain – history, tradition, types of bullfighting, countries who participate in bullfighting
Immigration – steps to immigrating, legal vs. illegal, reasons, putting a face to immigration