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High-speed Imaging

One method used for acquisition of data necessary for validation of CFD models and support of ERT measurements is high-speed imaging.  This includes both high-speed video (check out the Experimental Gallery page for examples) and high-speed still photography.

Here is an example image from high-speed imaging of an oil-in-water dispersion from in-situ measurements of flow in the mixing region of an CINC V5 annular centrifugal contactor.

The red color comes from Nile Red fluorescence dye in the organic (dispersed) phase. Entrained air bubbles are also visible. A Nikon D7000 camera was used with Infinity K1 CentriMax (with NTX 2X tube and MX-6 objective) and a SPOT 500ns Flash from Prism Science Works.

Here's a more recent one that was taken at 2x higher magnification with an additional NTX 2X tube on the lens thanks to Jay at Infinity Photo-Optical). The conditions are the same as the one above (though measurement location is different). The smallest droplets that can be seen are less than ~10 microns in diameter.