Welcome to Experimental Nanoscale Physics Lab (ENPL) @ Yonsei University.
Our main research focuses on the synthesis and various property characterizations of nano materials, especially emerging 2D materials beyond graphene. Novel electronic, mechanical, and optical properties of low-dimensional nano-scale materials are of our interest. Other research areas also include nanoelectromechanical systems and atomic-scale characterizations of materials using electron microscopy.

We are looking for passionate postdoctoral researchers and gradaute students who are interested in studying novel phenomena in nanoscale systems. These positions are immediately available. For anyone who is interested in a position, please contact Prof. Kwanpyo Kim.
(포스닥, 대학원생 및 학부 연구 참여생들을 모집합니다. 관심있는 분들은 언제든 연락 바랍니다.)
Prof. Kwanpyo Kim
E-mail: kpkim at yonsei.ac.kr
@ Department of Physics, Yonsei University, Korea 

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Recent News:

(2019.07) Dr. Arnab Ghosh joined ENPL as a postdoctoral research fellow. Welcome!

(2019.07) Yeo Chan and Ryong Gyu Lee joined ENPL as undergraduate interns. Welcome!

(2019.03) Tae Keun joined ENPL as a graduate student. Welcome!

(2018.09) Our work "One-Dimensional Assembly on Two-Dimensions: AuCN Nanowire Epitaxy on Graphene for Hybrid Phototransistors" was accepted in Nano Letters. Congratulations to all ENPL members!

(2018.07) Joong Eon, Junyoung, and Jun Ho joined ENPL as undergraduate interns. Welcome!

(2018.04) Jeongsu received an outstanding student presentation award at 2018 Spring KPS Meeting. Congraulation!

(2018.03) ENPL will be starting its new phase at Yonsei University.

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