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What comprises a thai meal

            A good meal for an average person may consist simply of a soup and rice. Traditional Thai soups are unique because they embody more flavours and textures than can be found in other types of food.

            Most non-thai curries consist of powdered or ground dried spices,whereas the major ingredients of thai curries are fresh herbs.A simple Thai curry paste consists of dried chilies,shallots and shrimp paste.More complex curries include garlic,galanga,coriander roots,lemon gress,kaffir lime peel and peppercorns.

             No good meal is complete without a thai dessert.Uniformly sweet they are particularly welcome after a strongly spiced and herbed meal.

            Harmony of tastes and herbal flavours are essential.Major tastes are sour,sweet and salty.Spiciness comes in different degrees cccording to meat textures and occasions

           Complete meals in themselves,they include rice and noodle dishes such as Khao Phat and Phat Thai


Serve Thai Party Food at your next holiday gatherin
1.Crab And Pork Stuffed Shells (Poo Jah)
2. Miang Kam      3. Satay         4. Stay Lue Barbecues

5. Fried Fish cakes (Thot Man Pla)
6. Chicken Wrapped In Pandanus Leaf Gai hor Bai Toey
7.Crab Spring Rolls (Po-Pia Thot ) 
 8. Yam Neau Yang (The sour salad with roasted beef)