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Node 0 & Cabling

 The great thing about renovating a house is that you an cut holes in walls, cut cable conduits and generally make a mess without worrying about the decoration— as long as you get it right before the decorating stage that is :-)

The house is a Chalet style so usefully it has eave space front and back which is perfect for running cables. 

No access existed at the front of the house but a couple of minutes with a pad saw changed that. This also allowed the installation of insulation as previously, non existed.



First runs of CAT5e, Speaker  and Coax cables in.

The blue pull ropes are visible. These lead to the eave space both front and back of the house.

Still to add are the alarm cables and the Cupboard to house the rack and patch panels         




Cables being run in the eave space. Everything in this room will be redone. The radiator will be replumbed to remove the surface run pipes and the skirting and flooring replaced. Insulation is also added to the eave space.



The finished article—I’ve built a cupboard around the space with the cabling patch panels in the top section. The 19” 22U rack lives in the space at the bottom and rolls out for service.

Also inside this space the alarm panel is mounted, as is the ‘Loft box’ TV distribution and various other bit’s and pieces.



The majority of cabling terminates at these panels


From top to bottom:

3 X 24 port CAT5e panels

1 X 24 port CAT5e providing phone ports and feed on ports for the rack below.

Netgear 24 Port Gigabit smart switch

Netgear router and Cisco power injector for the WLAN AP.

16 Port Coax panel for TV and IR distribution.

2 X 6 port Speaker connections for the Russound whole house audio.




The 22U 19” rack housing the majority of the servers and equipment. From top to bottom:

SKY Digital Multiroom box

SKY Digital dedicated to radio.


1U fan blade to cool the HD box

Russound CAV 6.6 whole house audio controller.

Kramer 8X8 RGBHV audio/video matrix.

Popcorn Hour

Sony Blu Ray player

MServer—Main automation server

Geovsion Server—CCTV

RDP Server



 The final result is that the house is 'flood wired' with Cat5e cable, with at least 2 ports per room. The Cat5 has mulitple uses and as well as the normal computer network connections, is also used for phone points, distributing audio and HD Video (using Baluns), Russound keypads, ABUS audio zones and some power over CAT5.
Each room also gets a TV point which feeds into a 'Loftbox' which distributes Ananlogue and digital TV signals, as well as a return path for the Infa red control signals.
6 of the rooms also get ceiling speakers for the whole house audio.
All cables are terminted in the top section of the rack housing which allows for easy equipment removal if we ever choose to move.