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Front End

Mainlobby provides the main front end user interface and is run on 3 Airpanels located throughout the house. In addition, control commands can be sent via Infa red from universal remote controls or key presses from the Russound keypads etc
 One of the Airpanels diplaying the normal 'homepage' scene.  

 The main 'Homepage' whichs gives a summary of weather, Caller ID, Time, date etc and has the main menu buttons along the bottom.


 The 'Media' button displays the popup menu for all things media related.


 Mainlobby takes care of al the music selections using the Musiclobby 3.75 plugin. Once switched to the music scene the bottom menu bar changes to show music controls as well as controls for the Russound whole house audio which are on a popup menu.  

 I use a Sky digital box dedicated to receive digital radio channels. This is controled by a dedicated IR sender (through USBUIRT) connected to Homeseer. Clicking one of the radio station icons triggers a Homeseer event to change the digibox channel.

Russound whole house audio control is again available on popup menus from the bottom menu bar.



 The HD Video matrix is also controled from Mainlobby. The matrix has inputs from all the video sources in the rack.

SKY HD, BLU Ray, Mserver video out and Popcorn hour are all sent at 1080i.

SKY Multi room and SKY Radio are sent via component converters at 576i



 Weather scene. The data source is a mix of Mainlobby weather plugin and data from the 1-wire network and the weather station.



 Lights can be controlled by X10 through Homeseer, including scene lighting.

Not all lights in the house are controllable.


Temperatures in each room, as well as externally are loaded into Homeseer through the 1-wire network.

In addition, I have a whole house Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation (MHRV) unit with sensors on each input and ouput. This allows the efficiencey of the unit to be monitored. Currently the summer bypass unit is in place so no heat recovery is happening.

Each room is coloured by temperature. Below 18 degrees C the room will show blue. Between 18 and 23 degrees yellow and over 23 degrees red.

 More scenes are in development to include security (Alarm and CCTV) and heating control.