Welcome to my Home Automation site. It’s very much under development at the moment and I plan to keep adding content.

I have a keen interest in all things technical and I’ve built up a Home Automation system build on Homeseer and Mainlobby.

I’ve tried to document many of the features and how they work together. The image below shows how each component of the system integrates with another. Most of the interfaces come through Homeseer with a couple coming through ML Server. This is usually down to which plugin is available for each system. As the two programs talk to each other through the MLHS Plugin it doesn't really matter.
Once a device is connected to the system it can interact with any other. A couple of simple examples of what can be achieved:
What happens: At night, as you approach the house the outside lights turn on. As the front door is opened the hallway lights come on.
How it works: The Comfort alarm system detects motion outside the house and send a signal to Homeseer. Homeseer checks the time and determines that it's after sunset so sends an X-10 signal to turn on the outside lights (and turn them off again after 3 minutes). As the door is opened Comfort sends another signal to Homesser that the front door has been opened (as well as functioning as a normal stand alone alarm system). Homeseer checks again if it's after sunset and if it is, uses X10 again to turn on the hallway lights.
What happens: The phone rings, The callers number and, if it's in the contacts list, the callers name is displayed on the Whole house audio keypads and the Airpanel displays.
How it works: The Way 2 Call modem picks up the Caller ID number and passes it to Homeseer. This triggers an event that passes the number to the MLCAller ID plugin in ML Server. This then sends the Callers number and name to the Russound keypads and updates the Caller ID information on the Airpanel displays.