I am working as a Data Scientist at Belong.co from February 2018 onwards. Previously, I was a Senior Technical Leader at Huawei Technologies India for 10 months. I have worked on exploring and proposing machine learning applications like audio analysis on the distributed cloud platform, and designed and developed a Face detection and Recognition system for IOT platform at Huawei. I was a PhD student in MILE Laboratory, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, India. I did my research in the field of Machine Listening under the guidance of Prof A G Ramakrishnan and Dr. T V Ananthapadmanabha.

During my PhD, I have devised algorithms which combine sparse representation, signal processing and machine learning methods for supervised and adaptive classification, separation and segmentation of speech/noise components in a mixed audio signal.

I am  interested in designing innovative mathematical and machine learning models to analyze, process and extract  information from signals and data  captured from various domains. I enjoy analytical modelling and out of the box thinking to solve practical problems. I am interested in machine learning, artificial intelligence and signal processing for various applications.

My Positions(past and present):

February 2018- present: Data Scientist, Belong.co, Bangalore

April 2017- February 2018 : Senior Technical Leader, Huawei Technologies India, Bangalore

Aug 2010- April 2017: PhD Student - IISc Bangalore

Reach me: vijay dot girish at gmail.com