OSC 85: Xhip


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First Come First Serve (Limited):
MuTools :  MuLab 6 + MUX Modular 6 bundle (1 copy left) 
Dmitry Sches : Diversion
Guda Audio : Euterpe XL
JRR Shop : UVI Mello
KV331 Audio : SynthMaster
Squaredheads : Nora Arpeggiator plugin  
Studio 13.37 : Pro audio studio on a USB stick
Wusik : Bundle of Wusik 8000, Wusik Station 8, and Wusik EVE V3
Pooya Payvar (Stonail) : 1 custom made Max for [Ableton] Live: controller, midi or audio effect
stardustmedia - Professional studio mix down & mastering on one track of your choosing (See Disclaimer)
Soundbanks, Sample Packs, Themes/Skins:
Abstract Cats Music : AbiTron Bank for Synthmaster
Aiyn Zahev Sounds : 2 Soundsets of choice (uplifting trance presets)
Bjulin : Inspire Soundset for Zebra²
Bluff Munkey - 2 soundsets of choice
Dream Audio Tools : 1 Indie Fingers bundle (Indie Fingers volumes One and Two)
Ghostwave Audio : 2 soundsets of choice 
Kreativ Sound : 1 RAW Bundle (RAW Bass, RAW Drums, RAW TranSID, RAW Textures)
Leap Into The Void : Enchantment Of Absynth Trilogy, Vol 1-3
Luftrum : One soundset free of choice.
Mulperi : Any one soundbank
Ridan - FM8 soundbank "Niteshade"
Rob Lee : A soundset for either: Dune 2, Sylenth1, Predator, Largo, Blofeld, PPGV3, or Dune
satYatunes : One of any commercial product 
Solidtrax : 1 Soundset of choice
The Unfinished : Any two soundsets of Choice 
Twolegs Toneworks : 1 soundset of choice 
Xenos Soundworks : Choice of any 1 product 

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  • Xhip by the Xhip team

YouTube Video

YouTube Video


Download: here

   Xhip allows you to produce the highest quality dual-oscillator polyphonic synthesizer sounds, similar to classic poly synthesizers of the late 80s. Strings, synth pads, basses, leads, organs, pianos, percussion, bells, vocals, sound effects and more are demonstrated in the included bank.


  • Two oscillators, filters, envelopes and LFOs.
  • Sync and xmod.
  • Oscillator (super-saw) unison.
  • PCM (samples) as oscillator waveforms with anti-aliasing.
  • Ring-mod.
  • Audio-rate filter modulation and saturation.
  • Waveshaper.
  • Sample-accurate modulation.
  • Voice level unison.