OSC 44: Retrologue

  • Status: Finished
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  • Prizes:
    Steinberg : 1 Retrologue and 1 Padshop Pro license (separate prizes)
    KV331 Audio : 1 Synthmaster license + 4 Rob Lee expansions
    Wusik : Wusik Station Full + Wusik EVE Full
    MaxSynths : Free choice of either Crisalys, Cryologic, Teutonic Tension or aPiano
    Rob Lee Music
    : A soundset for either: Sylenth1, Predator, Largo, Blofeld, PPGV3 or Dune
    Electric Himalaya
    : Free choice of one soundset as sold directly via the website
    : Free choice of one soundset for either Glass Viper, Roland Gaia SH-01, Animoog or Reason
    Kreativ Sound
    : 1 RAW Bundle (RAW Bass, RAW Drums, RAW TranSID, RAW Textures)
    Aiyn Zahev Sounds : 2 Soundsets of choice (uplifting trance presets)
    Studio 13.37 : Pro audio studio on a USB stick
    Pooya Payvar (Stonail) : 1 custom made Max for [Ableton] Live: controller, midi or audio effect

  • Results: Scoreboard
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  • Synth info:

    Retrologue by Steinberg houses two oscillators, each with a maximum of eight widely detunable voices, one sub and one noise oscillator, alongside a dozen high-quality filter types as well as 300 presets. Also on board are
    two LFOs and two ADSR envelopes. With the ten-stage Modulation Matrix, users can assign modulation sources
    to vary the targets' values, also supporting modulation assignments from Note Expression, Steinberg's way of
    editing controller data.

    Features at a glance:

    • Classic virtual analog synthesizer with more than 300 high-quality presets dedicated to classic leads
      and analog synth sounds.
    • Intuitive user interface for effective usability and direct accessibility.
    • Two oscillators with up to eight detunable voices each plus a sub and noise oscillator.
    • 12 different high-quality filter types.
    • 2 LFOs and ADSR for filters and amp envelopes.
    • 10-stage Modulation Matrix with Note Expression support for unlimited flexibility.
    • Mono and Poly Modes with Legato and Glide.
    • FX Section with high-class modulation and delay effects.
    • NEW: VST 3, VST 2 and AU compatible host application support.