OSC 37: Helix beta

  • Status: Finished
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  • Prizes:
    Wusik : Wusik Station Full + Wusik EVE Full
    MaxSynths : Free choice of either Cryologic, Teutonic Tension or aPiano
    Rob Lee Music
    : Free choice of 2 soundsets: Sylenth1, Predator, Largo, Blofeld, PPGV3 or Dune
    Electric Himalaya
    : Free choice of one soundset as sold directly via the website
    : Free choice of one soundset for either Glass Viper, Roland Gaia SH-01, Animoog or Reason
    Kreativ Sound
    : 1 RAW Bundle (RAW Bass, RAW Drums, RAW TranSID, RAW Textures)
    Aiyn Zahev Sounds : 1 Soundset (uplifting trance presets)

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  • Synth info:

    Helix beta by Audjoo
    The last free beta version of Helix before the final commercial version has surprising specifications:
    It is an hybrid synth that combines substractive synthesis and wave shaping, with 4 oscillators,
    16 voices unison per oscillator with a total of 64 oscillators per voice, spectral morphing, 3 lfo's, 3 envelopes,
    2 step sequencers, modulation matrix plus and effects like stereo reverb and delay...
    It sounds good, 80's, fat, techno, dance... Not easy to use, but powerful.