OSC 29: String Theory

  • Status: Finished
  • Rules: Read the rules here
  • Prizes:
    Ugo :
    Bundle 1: M-theory, Dualism, Metallurgy, Disturbance, Ironhead, Tunguska, and the Spawn collection
    Bundle 2: Ironhead, Tunguska, and the Spawn collection
    Bundle 3: Disturbance, Metallurgy, Tunguska
    Bundle 4: M-theory + Dualism
    Wusik : Wusik Station Full + Wusik EVE Full
    GSI : Free choice of one plugin
    : Free choice of either Cryologic, Teutonic Tension or aPiano
    Frantic Records
    : Free choice of 2 soundsets: Sylenth1, Predator, Largo, Blofeld, PPGV3 or Dune
    Electric Himalaya : Free choice of one soundset as sold directly via the website
    Luftrum : Luftrum5 - a ReFill for Reason
    EDT Audio : Zebrosis soundbank
  • Synth info:
    String Theory  is a flexible, delay based, physical modeling synth which is capable of a very
    wide range of plucked strings, atmospheric pads and ambiences, and unique hybrid synth sounds.
    String Theory also offers dual phrase arpeggiators. Each arp has its own speed, gate, and octave controls;
    which allows for far more complex patterns than the average arp.
  • Physical Modeling Plucked Strings.
  • Delay based Oscillators.
  • Detune.
  • Pitch LFO.
  • Amp Envelope with 2 attacks.
  • Tremolo.
  • BP+BR Filter.
  • LP Filter with envelope and LFO.
  • HP Filter with envelope and LFO.
  • Dual Metal Module.
  • Dual Delay with MIDI sync and Pan.
  • Dual Phrase Arpeggiator.
  • MIDI CC support.
  • 173 patches by: Ugo, Tim Conrardy, Matthew DeMeritt (Geeseaplenty), Mark Stolk (Mystahr).